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About Geiger Talent

So you focus on what matters

a Joint Venture between a Human resources consultancy and Software Engineering experts to create bespoke HR and Committee management software.


I have a long and sometimes painful relationship with committees.  As a member and contributor there has been little pain: even wherre a committee wasn't needed (in all honesty) for operational reasons at least it provided an excuse to come out of my office and say hello to a few people.  The pain has arisen when providing secretariat support and administrative services.  It is not the dullness that wrankles but the needless time spent on administration which should simply be automated in the 21st century.  Organisations with committees have resisted (or failed in their attempts) to automate committee administration because software out of the box doesn't capture the individual needs, culture and terminology of each organisation.    

My Human Resources work with universities, international research organisations and FinTech banking has always involved committees with administrators spending days running up to each committee shuffling paper, managing and filing emails and chasing contributions.   One complex,  multilayed, committee process which I have been responsible for cried out for automation: university promotions committees in research-intensive universities.   I looked at software solutions but found that off-the-shelf software didn't have the insider knowledge to automate processes whilst leaving culture in tact even if pitched at universities.   That's when I decided to sketch out a design for software specific to universities which, as a consequence, automates any committee process.   What experience was my sketch based on?

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After completing my outline for academic promotions software I approached General Technology Ltd, a firm with 30-years' experience of providing bespoke HR software to universities and said, 'Can you make this?' The answer was 'yes' and we quickly formed Joint Venture to produce Geiger-P and Geiger-C. 

We demonstrated Geiger-P to research intensive universities during 2018 and 2019.  In 2019 a research-intensive university decided to use Geiger-P on the cloud (making remote access easier) to manage 200+ applications for academic progression.  The Covid-19 pandemic suspended the process but there is now growing interest in Geiger-P as part of a future with more efficient administration of a standard process. 

Our advantage our inside knowledge of complex committee management and the need for affordable bespoke software which cuts the time taken to manage committees whilst increasing reliability, monitoring and data collection which informs continuous improvement.   

Our joint mission: we cut the time you spend on committee administration so you can focus on what matters. 

Tweedie Henrich Ltd (Contact for Geiger Talent Products)
Andrew Tweedie MCIPD (Director)
0782 333 4436
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General Technology Ltd
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