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Geiger-P automates 90% of academic career progressions administration

So you focus on what matters

Save Time and Cut Costs
Locally Hosted or Cloud Solution

What we have learned from over 20 visits to research-intensive universities has perfected Geiger-P's design.  Geiger-P automates 90% of transactions to save at least 60% of human resources and faculty time spent on complex academic promotions administration.  

Geiger-P is tailored to each university's academic promotions policies.  Geiger-P slashes administrative time whilst maintaining organisational culture and increasing monitoring and reporting possibilities to inform strategic HR and continuous improvement.  Geiger-P's functions (below) are a leap forward in university HR.   

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Geiger-P contributes towards university human resources' digitalisation and improved HR services to enhance HR's image. Email Andrew Tweedie to see how Geiger-P can be tailored to your university's promotions policies and shift HR time away from manual transactions which now become instant. 

Geiger-P Functions

Geiger-P includes automated worklow, multi-stakeholder access (e.g. external research assessors or internal student offices) to enter evidence into committee or promotions panel packs and live monitoring.  It saves at least 60% of applicants',  academic managers', evidence providers', human resources management's and committee members' time.  

Geiger-P mirrors your university's organisational design and committee and career structures to cover all promotions and progressions from entry-grade lecturer to professor and professorial progression.  Professional services' promotions can also be managed using Geiger-P. 

Functions and features:
Locally Hosted or Cloud Solution: we can instal Geiger-P on your local servers or as a cloud solution for remote access.
Comfortable browser-based interface for each stakeholder: just log in and apply for promotion (SACV, Supporting Statement and referees names), approve referees for the academics you manage, provide a reference, add evidence from library (bibiographics), student office (NSS scores), research office (REF assessments),  externally review applications (viewing evidence through Geiger-P portal), collate committee packs, reord committee decisions, etc..
Integration with existing HR system: Geiger-P uses APIs to 'speak' with your existing HR Information System, whatever it is, to make the user experience smooth.  For example, when a Reader logs in to apply for a professorship, their personal details are already in the form.  

Documents in one, secure place: all documentation is collected in Geiger-P. No need to search through paperwork, emails or drives.
Monitoring: dashboards provide live oversight for secretariat staff and committee chairs.
Cultural fit:
all workflow and terminology mirrors existing processes.
Automated reminders: deadlines entered into Geiger-P can trigger reminder emails for submission of papers and circulation.
Candidate Feedback Captured: feedback to 'rejected' applicants can be recorded to inform both the candidate and programmes for academic development.

Easy committee administration:
Geiger-P sorts committee papers by any defined order to create committee packs and an agenda in a click. 
Download committee packs and agendas:
 committee members can download the committe pack from Geiger-P or have it emailed.
Reporting: reporting can be exported in a click for HR Analytics.
Support Services: all contracts include dedicated support time, which increases slightly for a cloud-based version where we take on some standard IT administration.

Geiger-P contains modules which are common to most university promotions and progressions systems which we then connect and tailor to each university's needs.  We have purposefully not designed a rigid product which forces a university to bend in the direction of the product, with all of the debates that that causes. 

We take your policies and processes and automate their administration.   

Efficient Academic Promotions' COmmittees

Versions and Costs
All versions of Geiger-P include a full workflow analysis of existing processes to tightly define the specification for each university.  All versions can either be locally hosted or installed onto a secure cloud service for remote access.  Because each university is different, all pricing is individual.  What follows offers a guide to costs.   

Based on a medium-sized, research-intensive university's needs, Geiger-P's annual licence is c.£17,000 for a commitment to three years' usage.  This saves c.£50,000 of HR and faculty time annually.  

There is also an implementation costs in the first year which covers workflow definition, user story creation, graphic tailoring, alignment to organisational (Faculties, Deaneries, Schools, Departments) and committee structures, creation of automated emails to automatically prompt actions, coordination with IT, data integration and writing user guidance.

The larger the university the larger the potential for financial savings because increased complexity creates a marginal increase in licence costs but the volume of promotions cases rises significantly. 
Version A: Academic Promotions and Progressions Only
Covers academic promotions committees/panels in line with university organisational design. Typical grades covered are Lecturer (L) to Senior Lecturer (SL), Reader, Assistant Professor, Professor and Professorial banding.  
Version B: University Wide - Academic and Professional Services 
Covers promotions of academics and professional service staff where panels or committees make the decisions (say, staff on terms analogous to academics). This may incur an extra marginal costs to create a separate professional services workflow.
Version C: Geiger-P Lite 
Covers a section of the academic workforce, say for only Lecturer to Senior Lecturer in devolved committees.  Where the process selected is a cross-section of the whole process the cost is proportiontely lower.  Geiger-P Lite can be used as a proof of concept for a full Geiger-P. 
Version D: Geiger-P Pilot 
We can provide a heavily discounted version of Geiger-P on a short-term licence.  However, a very cost effective pilot is offered with less functionality but still saving time.  This allows for a proof of concept for anyone who thinks that automation of a key academic career process is not conducive to automation.  Obviously, the process can be automated but committee considerations and decision cannot be.