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NEWS (April 2020)

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions on movement we are making Geiger-C available on short-term licences to organisations which urgently need manage committees remotely via a Cloud solution.  We can do this for single committees and for organisation-wide committee structures with multiple numbers, types and levels of committees.

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Is your COmmittee administration too costly?

We've worked with national and local government, universities, globally matrixed research institutions, banks, charities, national and local unions and local government.  All have committees and all of those committees share time-sapping administration which distract from value-added work such as:   

After studying one of the most multi-layered, multi-venue and multi-stakeholder committee processes - research-intensive university promotions committees - we identified the elements of committee administration which could be automated by software.  We estimate that some 90% of actions can be auatomated to save at least 60% of time.  We then designed Geiger-C and Geiger-P so that you can realise these savings in your organisation whilst including live monitoring and reporting which can inform continuous improvement and strategy.

Reasons to use Geiger-C and Geiger-P

  1. Our knowledge of committee culture and human resources creates tailored software, not a side process to an existing system which introduces untidy compromises at high costs (try getting SAP to do this at our prices)
  2. Our commitment to you - we do not take on more work than we can deliver effectively - call us now
  3. Slash the time and costs by about 60% of making committee packs and sharing them with members
  4. Create live monitoring and reliability
  5. Remotely manage committee packs with exeptional ease
  6. Save a lot of paper and with a remote.

Geiger-C for Committee Administration

Committee members and secretariat have tailored access (with permissions for viewing, editing and monitoring) to Geiger-C.  Members upload their papers into Geiger-C which are automatically collated and an agenda automatically generated. Secretariat staff can set deadlines for submissions and reminder emails automatically sent as deadlines approach. Committee papers are circulated in a 'click' in a pdf, which can be printed out if preferred.  Geiger-C can be used for single committee or designed for a whole organisation's secretariat work with all of the workflow associated with it (like Geiger-P for universities).   Read more ...

Geiger-P for University Promotions Committees

Geiger-P builds on Geiger-C to automate any university's promotions and progression committees. Geiger-P adopts your grading system, job families, organisational design, required evidence trail (NSS, REF, bibliographics, etc), committee structures and multi-layered persmissions, referee approval, terminology and workflow.

We codify your promotions processes into user stories for all staff who have contact with the process (from lecturers to professors and line management up to Vice Chancellor to external assessors) and map out a crystalline workflow.  We then configure Geiger-P to automate 90% of committee-related actions to slash administative time, remove uncertainty and create reporting in support of continuous improvement and informing strategic human resources. 
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