Specialist Software and Services

Software and Services

Our software is specifically designed for:

  1. academic promotions processes (Geiger-P) in UK research-intensive universities, which are organised around committees and panels, and
  2. and professional bodies' committee secretariats (Geiger-C). 

Our team has first-hand expertise in managing both processes and over thirty-years' experience in providing software to universities, local government and further education providers.   We understand the challenges of running committee processes and driven to remove needless efficiency and stress for committee managers.

We do not provide mass-market solutions but bespoke software.  Our software is based around a set of functions derived from interviews with over 20 organisations (2019-2021) which we connect up (or add to) after analysing your needs and specific workflow for your processes and policies.  

We also provide audit services for Human Resources or Secretariat practices independent of any intention to purchase Geiger-P or Geiger-C.     

Geiger-P for Academic Promotions Committees


Automates 90% of transactions related to academic promotions, saving time for the Human Resources and Faculty teams.


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Process Review

We use the best parts of 'lean' thinking to review your processes, recommend improvements and run workshops on how to embed continuous improvement into your committee administration


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Geiger-C for professional bodies' secretariats


Automates transactions to save time, introduce progress monitoring and create a user-friendly library for committee papers.


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