Geiger-C (Professional Body Committee Management)

Cut secretariat administrative time with Geiger-C Software

Focus on What Matters

Geiger-C for Committee Secretariats

Committee Secretariat paperwork simplified

Secretariat functions like writing agendas, drafting notes, and collating packs containing notes and discussion papers create a, now, needless amount of administration. 

Most administrative functions can be automated, which is what Geiger-C does.  Geiger-C is specialist software designed specifically for committee secretariats.  It does not an 'out-of-the-box' solution which you spend weeks configuring, we make it especially for your organisation.

Geiger-C functions and features

When we implement Geiger-C we first complete a full workflow analysis of your secretariat functions and then build your Geiger-C by connecting and mofiying our predesigned units.

Geiger-C helps you:

  • quickly create agendas using your own templates
  • submit committee papers directly into the agenda
  • collate and file papers in a click
  • remind contributors to submit their reports/papers
  • circulate pdf committee packs in a click
  • monitor progress
  • manage committee membership and attendance
  • collect management data for analysis of committee efficiency and process review for continuous improvement
  • links to historical papers for ease of access and reference.

Exceptional user experience  

Geiger-C is easily accessed by secretariat staff and members of committees via a browser which shows the documentation and actions relevant to each user. 

Integrate with or replace existing Document Management Systems to cut repeated manaul transactions.

Cultural fit: we are sensitive to the culture of your organisation and the branding  is yours.

Local or remote hosting: Geiger-C can be installed on local servers or an a remote server (SaaS) to reduce IT administration costs.

Live Monitoring: dashboards provide live oversight of committee progress. 

Reminders: automatically remind members about their actions if this fits to culture. This function can be turned off. 

Simple click collation and circulation: automatically collate agendas and committee packs and cirulate them to committee members in a single click.

Accurate, Meaningful Reporting: it is easy to analyse committee management data to identify efficiencies.

Dedicated Support: we provide your secretariat with the ability to amend some elements (log-on details, committee membership, etc).  Where there is a need to change structures 'hard coded' our licenses contain a set number of days a year which can be used for further tailoring or technical problems.

Versions and Costs

Geiger-C is tightly tailored to your processes and committee structures and approach to secretariat support.  Therefore, we scope the prices once we better understand your needs. 

What we can say is that using Geiger-C reduces the time taken on committee administration by some 66%. 

We can create versions of Geiger-C which are for part of an organisation.  For instance, one region of a union or the national HQ or for the whole organisation.

Remember, it is your Geiger-C and we tailor our ready-made units to your needs.




Remove transactional redundancies and create smooth workflow

Cost Effective

Speed up administration by at least 60%


100% tailored to each organisation's needs