Geiger-P (Academic Promotions Committees)

Geiger-P specialist academic promotions committee software

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Geiger-P for Academic Promotions Committees

Ignoring inefficient academic promotions administration?

Academic promotions' committee administration in universities is inefficient, a fact often invisible to Executive teams because Human Resources staff  make it work.  But, at what effort and cost?

Each prospective promotion creates hundreds of transactions. Now multiply that by your academic workforce numbers and you have thousands of time consuming transactions.

Apparent digitisation

Our research (2019-2020) shows that so-called digitisation of promotions processes at some universities means either:

  • spending thousands of hours saving, dragging and dropping electronic documentation into hard drives, or
  • expensive failure to adapt HR systems not designed for this complex process.

These approaches are costly and save no time.

Real digitisation

Geiger-P is specifically designed to automate academic-promotions transactions to save 90% of time spent on paper/email shuffling. It contains units common to all universities' promotions processes which connect according to your policies, organisational design and workflow.  This:

  • speeds up evidence gathering
  • speeds up committee administration
  • removes redundant steps in workflow
  • monitors progress through a promotions round
  • eases reporting on career development, equality and diversity and continuous improvement.

Save a lot of time with Geiger-P

Geiger-P's functions show how much time can be saved.  It:

  • places application forms and other documents within Geiger-P. Forms are pre-populated with academics' details (name, staff number, grade, department, pay scale, etc.)
  • automates the progress of applications - no need for emails
  • automates workflow for proposing and approving academic referees and external assessors
  • has dedicated screens for each stakeholder - for instance, librarian submitting bibliographics, or registry submitting NSS scores
  • reminds contributors to submit evidence
  • collates committee packs and circulates them in one click
  • files all packs and results ready for archiving
  • monitors live progress
  • collects management data.

Functions can be turned off according to your needs: e.g. if your university is a DORA signatory collection of bibliographics can be turned off.

Exceptional user experience  

Geiger-P's user interface is easy to use and user experience is vastly superior to fragmented manual administration or pseudo-digitisation.

Workflow Mapping and Automation

We analyse your workflow to create bespoke screens and automation which mirrors your university's organisational design, career structures, job titles and committee structures.

We do this whilst being totally sensitive to your university's culture and branding.

Users easily add their evidence for committees and monitor progress through individualised screens.  These are for:

  • academic applicants
  • Line Managers and nominees
  • Student Office
  • Research Office
  • Library
  • Deans
  • Referees
  • External assessors, and
  • committee managers
  • any other stakeholder who might need to make input or have an overview: etc. the Vice Chancellor.

Cut repeated actions to zero: Geiger-P cuts repetition (adding a name, e.g.) to zero.

Remove 'redundant' steps: during our workflow analysis we identify redundant steps in processes which can be removed if you prefer.

Reduce IT support: Geiger-P SaaS solution reduces university IT administration and makes remote working easier. If you want Geiger-P installed onto your servers we can do this.

Removes uncertainty: dashboards provide certainty.

Saves time on reminders: Geiger-P can schedule polite reminder emails.

From a day to a second: Geiger-P collates agendas and evidence packs in one click.

Single, secure document repository: you can't 'mislay' anything.

Cultural and organisational fit: the branding yours, we work with you to address any cultural issues which may arise from digitisation. Clinical academics' promotions might have a different workflow so we create a separate workflow for it.

Enhance academic development: the data captured by Geiger-P provides key talent information.

Accurate, Meaningful Reporting: Geiger_P makes it easy to create reports ranging from success rates, demographics for equalities reporting, financial flows as payroll implications are instantly clear, etc.). 

Dedicated Support: there are two lines of support for daily use of Geiger-P. 

  • First, your HR Department can amend some elements (log-on details, job titles, etc). 
  • Second, where there is a need to change structures 'hard coded' into your Geiger-P our licenses contain a set number of days a year which can be used for further tailoring or technical problems. 

Of course, we will also help operational HR departments make local changes if required.

Versions and Costs

Each university is different so our pricing is individually calculated.  However, we estimate that, after implementation, Geiger-P costs one third of the manual processes still used today in universities.

The larger the university the larger the saving because scaling up Geiger-P once it is made for one department is cost effective.

Single devolved organisational units can purchase Geiger-P - a Business School, say - or it can be used for a 'slice' of the process, for example, professorial progression or Lecturer to Senior Lecturer promotions. 

We can provide a pilot service as proof of concept.




Remove needless actions for excellent user experience

Cost Effective

A third of the cost of current practice


Totally tailored to a university's needs